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Bradley's English School
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SnakeText Puzzles

On this page you can find the English snaketext puzzle worksheets that are currently available. We hope that they will be useful for students who are practicing reading, vocabulary and spelling.

SnakeText Puzzles from Bradley's English School

Once you have selected which of our free English snaketext puzzles that you would like to use, click on "Worksheet" or "Answers" and you will be taken to that Adobe pdf file.

Picture of our free snaketext puzzle worksheets that may help students with their reading, vocabulary and spelling

Draw the Fruit and Colour (color) it ..........

Worksheet .......... Answers

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Our English SnakeText Puzzle Worksheets

All of the above English snaketext puzzle worksheets are all free. They have been designed to help students study English. They should be especially useful for students in improving their reading, spelling and vocabulary. You may print them out and use them individually or in a classroom. Answers sheets are available for all of the snaketext puzzles so that students studying by themselves can check their answers. We hope that you find them useful.

All of these free English snaketext puzzle worksheets are in Adobe pdf format. You therefore need the Adobe Reader installed on your computer to view them. Please click the button below if you need to download the free Adobe Reader.

A button to download Adobe Reader so that you can view our free English alphabet worksheets.

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