Bradley's English School Free Puzzles and Worksheets

Welcome to the Bradley's English School free English puzzles and worksheets menu. At this time, the following printable worksheets are available on our website:
1. Alphabet worksheets (To practice the English alphabet and alphabetical order).
2. Crossword puzzles (To help students expand their English vocabulary and practice spelling).
3. Snake Text Puzzles (To help students with their reading).
4. Wordsearch Puzzles (To help students practice their vocabulary and spelling)

All of these worksheets have been designed to help students studying English as a foreign or second language but they may aslo be useful for young English speakers. All these English worksheets are free and can be used by individuals or English teachers in their classroom. Answer sheets are also available for all of the worksheets.

All of our Free Worksheets

This section of the page contains links to the main menu pages for each of our free English puzzles and worksheets designed to help students with their vocabulary, spelling, reading and grammar. The main menu pages will list all the language items that are available for the selected puzzle or worksheet. Simply click on the puzzle or worksheet of your choice to see which language items are available.