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Bradley's English School
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Spelling Quiz

On this page you will find all the Spelling quizzes that are currently available. We hope that they will be useful for students who want to study English spelling and vocabulary.

Free Spelling Quizzes (Flash 4 or above)

Below are our interactive Spelling quizzes that have been designed to help students study English spelling and vocabulary. Once you know the correct word, you have to try and spell it.
Picture of our Spelling quiz to help students review and develop their English spelling and vocabulary.

Click on any of the Spelling quizzes below:

Our Free Spelling Quizzes

Welcome to the Bradley's English School free Spelling quizzes. The aim of this quiz is to try and spell your answers correctly. First you have to decide what the word is. Once you know that, you have to spell it by entering the letters in the correct order. For example, if you are doing the opposites quiz and you are given the word hot, you should enter the letters c o l d as cold is the opposite of hot. There is no time limit to answer each question and so you can take your time entering the answer. When you think you know what the word is, you simply click the letters (or use your keyboard to enter them) and then click the button (or your return key) to check your answer. At the end of the spelling quiz, you will be able to see what all the correct answers are and if you entered them correctly. This quiz will be useful for reviewing and developing English spelling and vocabulary.

All of these Spelling quizzes have been designed to help students studying English as a foreign or second language but they may aslo be useful for young English speakers.

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