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Bradley's English School
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Multiple Choice Quiz

On this page you will find all the JavaScript Multiple Choice quizzes that are currently available. We hope that they will be useful for students who are studying English grammar and vocabulary.

Free Multiple Choice Quizzes (JavaScript)

Below are our interactive multiple choice quizzes that have been designed to help students study English grammar and vocabulary. This activity will inform students which answers are correct.
Picture of our JavaScript Multiple Choice quiz to help students with their grammar and vocabulary.

Click on any of the Multiple Choice quizzes below:

Our Free JavaScript Multiple Choice Quizzes

Welcome to the Bradley's English School free JavaScript Multiple Choice quizzes. You just have to click the radio button next to the word you select as the answer and then at the end of the quiz, click "Check Your Answers" and an alert box will pop up with your score. If your answer is wrong, it will tell you what your answer should have been. You can repeat the quiz as often as you like. Even if you do not do well at first, you will eventually be able to get all of your answers correct.

All of these multiple choice quizzes have been designed to help students studying English as a foreign or second language but they may aslo be useful for young English speakers.

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