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Bradley's Multiple Choice Quiz
And / But / So / Because

Select "and", "but", "so" or "because"
by clicking on the appropriate word.

Line under the title of our free JavaScript multiple choice quizzes to help students study English grammar and vocabulary

1. I like coffee ___ I don't like tea.

2. I cannot swim ___ I can ski.

3. I want a new TV ___ the one I have now is broken.

4. I had to work on Saturday ___ I couldn't go to John's party.

5. My name is Jim ___ I'm your new teacher.

6. I was cold ___ I turned on the heater.

7. We'll have to go shopping ___ we have nothing for dinner.

8. The history test was difficult ___ the English one was easy.

9. We didn't go to the beach yesterday ___ it was raining.

10. We have a test on Monday ___ I'll have to study this weekend.

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Now click the "Check Your Answers" button below to see your score.

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The above is a free online interactive activity from Bradley's English School. It is one of our JavaScript multiple choice quizzes. This particular multiple choice quiz allows students to test themselves on the correct usage of "and", "but", "so", and "because" (conjuctions) by selecting which one they think is correct and then clicking the button to check their answers. We hope that you find this JavaScript multiple choice quiz both useful and enjoyable. It is one of hundreds of free activities that available on our website. You are very welcome to link to this multiple choice quiz from your website.

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