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Our Contact Bradley's English School Page

Welcome to our contact Bradley's English School page. There are various ways in which visitors to our website can contact us. Because we want to keep spam mail down to a minimum, we do not allow website visitors to contact us directly via email. The options that are available are given above. You can send an open comment about our website by signing our guestbook. Obviously, such comments will be visible to everyone viewing the guestbook and so private messages should never be sent that way. If you need to send us a private message, please use the send us a message option above. However, please do not send us a message if you want to exchange links. Please use the add a link form that is available for that purpose. We have also set up a website survey where you can evaluate each section of our website. We take these surveys into account whenever we are upgrading our website. Finally, we have had so many English teachers contacting us about working for the school that we decided to have a separate section for employment opportunities. This sections gives details of current vacancies and how to apply online.

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