Bradley's English School Free Activities

Welcome to the Bradley's English School free online interactive English games, puzzles and activities menu. You can see the various types of activities that are currently available on our website below. Similar material is covered by each of the activities and so students should select those activities that they find the easiest and the most enjoyable to work with. Some students may prefer to start with the easier activitities such as Flashcards and then move up to slightly more difficult ones such as Matching Pairs before moving on to Memory and Spelling Quiz but this is entirely up to the individual student. We have cocentrated on providing lower level materials that will be useful for beginners. If students already know the vocabulary contained in our quizzes, it is likely that games such as Concentration and Hangman will be of more interest. To help visitors find what they want quickly, all items have been listed alphabetically. This obviously means that items at the top of the list are not necessarily easier than those lower down.

Free Online Interactive English Activities

This section of the page contains links to the main menu pages for each of our free online interactive English activities designed to help students with their vocabulary, spelling, reading and grammar. The main menu pages will list all the language items that are available for the selected activity. Simply click on the activity of your choice to see which language items are available for that activity.