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Recent Changes to the Website

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This page gives details of the last five changes that have been made to this website.

What's New on the Bradley's English School Website

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New Website Design (January 2008)

Regular visitors to our website may have noticed that there have been some changes to the design recently. We are currently changing the design of the whole site. We have decided to move away from the darker colours and use a white background on our pages instead. The change is going to take us several weeks. This is because in addition to changing the colours, which would have meant just changing the css file, we are moving away from a table based format to using div tags. This means that hundreds of pages have to be rewritten. We are also making other changes such as adding title tags to all the links in the hope that the help messages the tag produces will make them easier to understand. The website as a whole may look a bit odd over the next few weeks whilst we are making the changes !!

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New Links Pages (January 2008)

We have changed our links pages recently. We still have the same number of links pages but have changed the theme for them. The first page now contains links that may be useful for students studying English. The second page now contains links that may be useful for English teachers. The third page now contains links to other webpages that are not directly associated with English teaching but may be of interest to our visitors. The fourth page still contains newly added links that have not been checked or sorted yet. We have also changed our linking policy. From now on, we will only add links to websites that have a reciprical link back to us. Basically, we feel that if webmasters will not post a reciprical link on their site, it is because they feel it will not be useful for their visitors. If this is the case, their site is unlikely to be of interest to our visitors. Because of this new policy, we checked all of the links that were already posted on our links pages and have deleted all of those that did not provide a reciprical link. This means that most of the links were deleted and so there are now only a few links available. This will obviously improve over time as new links are added. By making these changes, we hope to be able to provide our visitors with a useful list of links. If you are one of the webmasters that has found your link has been deleted, please feel free to submit it again. However, when you do so, please ensure that you provide the URL of the reciprical link on your website. The reciprical link must be on the same domain as the link you are adding. In addition, your website should be one that would be of interest to students or teachers of English.

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New Concentration Game Activities (July 2007)

Four new concentration activities have been added.
1. Irregular Past Tense Verbs 4
2. Irregular Past Tense Verbs 5
3. Opposites 4
4. Opposites 5
More of these concentration games are available via our Concentration Menu Page. We hope that you enjoy them.

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Guestbook and Links Changed (March 2007)

We have found that many visitors seem to be posting messages to the guestbook simply to add a link to their website. This is not the intended purpose of the guestbook and so we have decided to remove the URL section of messages. The guestbook now shows the name of the poster, the message and the date posted. Please note that any messages containing a url will be deleted. We thank our visitors for submitting so many links to our links pages. In order to try and reduce the list of links (and so make the links pages more useful), we have decided on a new links policy. For links to websites related to English education, only sites containing a large amount of free content may be submitted without a reciprical link. For all links to websites not directly related to English education, a reciprical link must be provided. In other words, only websites containing a considerable amount of free material for students and/or teachers of English may submit a link without a reciprical link. Please note that all reciprical links must be on the same domain as the link being submitted. In making these changes, we hope to provide visitors with a more interesting guestbook and more useful links pages.

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Our What's New Page

Above you can see details of the last five items that have been added or changed on the Bradley's English School website recently. Below are links to the older posts that you may have missed.

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