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Word Jumble Quiz

The letters in these names of vehicles are all jumbled up.
When you think you know what the word is,
click anywhere on the word to see the answer.
Click again for a new word.

The above names of vehicles are selected and scrambled randomly.
Therefore, you may see the same word several times
or the letters may be in the correct sequence.

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The above is a free online interactive activity from Bradley's English School. It is one of our Java Word Jumble quizzes. This particular Word Jumble quiz allows students to review the spelling of various modes of transport by trying to guess what the word is from the jumbled letters. We hope that you find this free Word Jumble quiz both useful and enjoyable. It is one of hundreds of free activities that available on our website. Webmasters are very welcome to link directly to this Word Jumble quiz from their website. The Word Jumble Java applet used in the above quiz is by Eric Harshbarger.

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