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Bradley's English School
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Our Guestbook Submission Page

This form can be used to submit a comment to the Bradley's English School guestbook. Unfortunately, we have had some problems with visitors posting inappropriate messages to our guestbook in the past. These largely consisted of links to other websites that contained adult material or were selling various medicines and the like. Because of these problems, we have added an anti-spam number that has to be entered when submitting a comment. We also automatically remove any tags used by html, php, etc. and we now check all messages before they are posted to the guestbook. We apologize that there is now a delay in seeing your comment posted in our guestbook, but it is the only way we can ensure that only appropriate material is being posted. In addition, we have imposed a limit on the length of messages. Nicknames can contain up to twenty-five charactures and the message can contain up to three hundred charactures.

Thank you for your understanding in this matter. We are usually able to check and add submissions to the guestbook within twenty-four hours. We hope that you enjoy using all of the materials on our website.

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